Sunday, September 2, 2018

Adjustment Disorder (Types, Causes and symptoms).

Written by Aladeyelu Tunji (RN, RPN)

Human experiences numerous stressors such as environmental stressors, daily life event stressors and so on, the ability to maintain balance irrespective of the presence of stress denote good adjustment. However, if an individual cannot maintain balance or cannot cope with a particular stress or major life event then adjustment disorder set in.

Adjustment disorder is also called situational depression because people with adjustment disorder do have symptoms of depression such as hopelessness, withdrawal to self, anhedonia, and so on.
People with adjustment disorder usually feel better once they are able to adjust to the situation.


Adjustment disorder with depressed mood.
Adjustment disorder with anxiety.
Adjustment disorder with mixed.
Adjustment disorder with disturbance of conduct.
Adjustment disorder with mixed disorder of conduct and disturbance of emotions.
Adjustment disorder unspecified.

Signs and symptoms

Feeling of hopelessness
Withdrawal to self
Loss of interest
Loss of self esteem


Death of loved ones
General life changes
Chronic illnesses such as cancer
Road traffic accident
Family problems
School issues
Sexuality issues and so on.

Coping measures will be published soon. Stay connected

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