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A to Z of the most commonly used illicit recreational drug (cannabis)

Cannabis has become the most commonly used illicit recreational drug in the world today. This psychoactive substance, is called  "cannabis" in Latin, Hemp is the English name for the cannabis plant.
There are over 500 compounds that are found in the psychoactive drug of which tetrahydrocannabinol is the major psychoactive substance.

Common names:

Cannabis has over 1200 names or slang terms. Therefore, it is pertinent for you to know the common ones:
Pot, cannabis, marijuana, two long. 420, Airplane, fish (eja), amnesia, aunt Mary, baby, blaze, blunt, Christmas tree, blunt, bud, Ganja, flower, Hashish, Grass, Weed, Herb, happy cigarette, kush, loco weed, salad, pakalolo, skunk, stash, thirteen, salad, gas, good stuff, joint, AK47, calm, tranquil, and so on

Route of administration

Cannabis can be used by smoking, vaporizing, as an extract or within food.

Adverse/side effect

Cannabis has both physical and mental or psychological effects which can either be short term or longterm effect effect.

Short effects include:

Increase appetite, short memory loss, feeling of paranoia, dry mouth, disturbed perception, impaired motor skill, red eye and so on.

Longterm effects:

Addiction, mental issues (studies has shown relationship between cannabis and psychosis though cause and effect relationship is debated...

Marijuana use can become problematic over time and lead to dependence and addiction, at this stage the individual may want to stop.
Withdrawal symptoms occur when an individual suddenly stop using the substance after persistent and prolonged use.
The withdrawal symptoms include:
Excessive sweating, chill, decrease appetite, flu-like symptoms

Legal status

Some countries has legalised the medical use of cannabis.
Canada has legalized its medical use, recreational use will be legalized soon (likely 17th October, 2018).
United State: Each has different different laws and policies. However, the use of cannabis is legal for recreational use in 9 States.
Countries like North Korea, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Belgium, and Italy, flexible law on the use of cannabis which differs from country to country but as long as you are reasonable discreet about things (meaning just don’t, like, yell about it while waving a little plastic baggy around in public) you are good to go.

Highest producers (by country)

Afghanistan, Canada, India. China, Lebanon, Morocco, Colombia, Pakistan india, Paraguay , Spain.  Jamaica, United States, Thailand, and Turkey,

The countries with the highest use among adults as of 2018 are Zambia, the United States, Canada, and Nigeria (source:"UNODC Statistics Online" . . Retrieved 9 September 2018.).

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